Sleepless Nights

So…a friend of mine and I have been bonding these last few weeks over the fact that we both suffer from different cases of what we’re just going to term as “insomnia”. And if you really think about it, that explanation completely explains why this post is going up at about 2:30 am!!!


He suffers from normal “insomnia” because of which he has trouble sleeping at nights and just in general. My “insomnia” however, is slightly different in the sense that I can actually fall asleep quite easily. The problem is that only my body gets rest as my brain continues its normal train of thought or I have very vivid dreams almost like lucid dreaming (the real sensation of your body being asleep while your mind is awake allowing you to control your dreams).


Both these states are considerably scary and REALLY uncomfortable for my friend and I, because they affect us in the same way. Lack of sleep on our part results in affecting nerves, giving us the shakes and heightening our panic levels to the extent where he has a sense of paranoia, while my senses are even more alert than usual and able to notice things through observation than usual.


In addition, I’ve now realized that I sometimes grind my teeth in my sleep. I discovered this from waking up with pained, clenched teeth, rigid jaws and a sore jaw line inside my mouth. I’m not quite sure why I do this but it’s really not a pleasant feeling.

Anyway, I have no idea why my friend I are experiencing these sensations, but friendship is an interesting thing, considering what you and someone can bond over.

So, I guess that’s…

xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow ~ Rynzi


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