Mixed Signals & V-Day…

So, you have a friend and y’all are cool. Then out of the blue, things seem to get a bit weird and awkward because it seems as if there’s something there but there really isn’t …ever been in a situation like that?

Well, I have and I kid you not, THAT SHIT IS THE WORST!!! The confusion is unbearable and the knowledge that out of your misguided and misplaced feelings, some real emotions actually developed, just keeps making it worse! You know what i’m talking about? Real sentiments that can’t be acted on and probably wouldn’t be reciprocated. Sigh…


The funny thing is, the one who ends up reading or noticing the mixed signals is usually the one who is unattached. And it’s like, in some way, they are reaching out to the other person just the same. Maybe they enjoy the attention they get and that kind of chase and flirtation that they have with this person but anything more scares the buh-jeezus out of them! If only the other person knew this though…pouring their everything into that other person who doesn’t actually like or have any interest in them but simply likes how the situation makes them feel; they’d honestly just stop if another flirtationship that seems more appealing and tantalizing came along! And just in case you’re in doubt, another one WILL come along…and he’ll be gone before you can sing those Taylor Swift lyrics we all know and love “You Belong With Meeeeeeeeeee”!


But you know what? I’m not even going to think about this situation because as far as I’m concerned, IT DOES NOT EXIST!

Why did I have to like him from day one though? Sigh…I guess everyone who’s ever paid attention to me was right…I have a thing for “broken” people. No one ever seems to pick up on the other fact that I also have a taste for the unattainable…


Anyway, on another note…so it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!! *cue dramatic music in the background*



Yup, it’s that time of year that everyone in a real relationship looks forward to and everyone who’s single pretty much dread! But from what I’ve been gathering, it seems like all them “cuffed” folks need to be more scared of V-day, than anyone else! Why you may ask? Simple. Valentine’s Day = JUDGEMENT DAY!!!


No joke yo! The amount of folks around me I’ve been hearing talking about it, it must be legit! LoL!

All the guys going “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. That’s money I don’t have! That’s what I tell my girl from the start because I don’t want her having all these expectations!”

All the girls going “I wonder what he’s going to get me? I know we’ve only been together for *insert period of time so short, it’d make those folks in “Little People, Big World” look like giants!* but I really think it’s gonna work out! and I know he’s into this thing!”

Then you hear the debate back and forth between the guys and girls going:

DISCLAIMER: The roles and perspectives in this “convo” can easily be reversed. So guys, I’m not throwing words on you or anything! This is just legitimately what I’ve been hearing in these days leading up to the big day.

Guys: “What’s the point of V-day anyway? It’s just an excuse for you to get gifts! What do we get? Nothing! Just holes in our wallets, debt in our bank accounts, and if we decide not to get you guys anything, some bodily pains, no sex and a night on the couch?”

Girls: “It’s not about the gifts though. That’s just a bonus! It’s about having this one special day where it’s all about the love and making each other feel special. It’s really just about you guys showing us how much you care and not being afraid to let the world know. What? You don’t wanna shout it from the mountain tops that I’m your girl? What? Is there someone else?”

Guys: *at this point, the dudes are sweating like pigs, wondering abut their side chick dilemma, if they’re not already having this convo with the side chik who doesn’t know she isn’t ‘the Mrs’* “But don’t we make you feel special all the time? You know you’re my one and only!”

Girls: “No!!! You don’t even tell you love us that often? But you guys need to stop looking at it like that! I mean, why do you keep asking what the point of V-day is? What if I asked you what the point of Mother’s Day was? Obviously it’s not only about buying her a card and gift, but it’s just a day to solely acknowledge her! So why can’t you guys do that for us women?!”

And so the argument will go on until someone wins. These are the 2 possible outcomes:

If the ladies win: *runs to the store while on the phone with his nigga* “Now what on earth do I get her? Roses? Some other flowers? Chocolates? Jewelry? A picture frame? Do I take her out for a date? To the movies? Or out to dinner? Or both? Man, I just don’t know!” 



And another debate will come from this situation, if the girl isn’t into those kinds of things and wishes for something more “creative and meaningful”!

And if the gentlemen have their way: *when the girls don’t receive any gifts on V-Day and their friends ask them what’s the deal* “My guy and I aren’t really into that kind of thing because it’s just some commercial trick trying to get consumers to spend more money as always. And I mean, what’s the big deal anyway? You don’t have to choose one day to tell and show someone you love them! What about the other 364 days of the year? Don’t they need love on those days too?”

V-Day 2014 should be entertaining indeed!

3 of my male friends are actually going speed dating tomorrow and have chosen to ask me for the lamest pick-up lines guys have tried on me, so after their experience I’m sure they’ll have a few hilarious stories to tell!


I, on the other hand, will have a normal Friday which I will spend the single friends in my posse, then when I get home and the “loneliness” kicks in, I’ll resort to watching “The Notebook” and those other movies we have that love/hate relationship with, curled up with those reliable guys Ben & Jerry!


Anyway, best wishes to all of you for tomorrow! I hope you all enjoy the day though, whether you’re flying solo or spending it with a significant other! I Love you all!!! <3 :)

xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow ~ Rynzi


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