People and their damn sense of entitlement!

The other day my friend posted a status on Facebook asking a question and invited responses to it for her question to be answered and a concept explained to her. Fair enough, right? When someone tries to answer, she starts getting upset and telling the person that the explanation they’re giving is irrelevant. NB: She probably wasn’t “upset” but when she’s “debating” she has this certain tone of voice that’s so saturated with annoyance and exasperation, you’d swear it was dipped in the excess grease/oil from your favourite fast food joint! So I guess I simply read her comments, and heard her voice in my head.Image

Anyway, I don’t agree with her doing that because if she didn’t want an answer whatever form it may have come in, she really shouldn’t have posted a question. She should have accounted for the fact that it’s not like she was in some sort of professional group where the persons replying are going to have extremely well though out and valid points. If she had done this in reality, it would be like standing on a bench in a park and shouting to get the attention of anyone who chooses to acknowledge her, then posing the question to this newly acquired audience so to speak. That audience could be comprised of a few sensible people as well as, some teens who don’t care, the drunkard through the park trying to get home, and the homeless guy. Not judging or anything, but I’m just trying to make the point that she didn’t pose her question to the most reliable panel.

She should have just made a statement on the matter and left it at that. At least that would justify her annoyance with someone commenting irrelevant responses on her post, since in that case she legitimately wouldn’t have invited any form of discussion. Or she could have just chosen not to engage the comment in a discussion but to just acknowledge receipt of it and move along, by saying something like “Thanks for that point of view” *full stop*.

Another type of situation is that people always feel the need to have these massive discussions about certain issues when they KNOW their stance on it already! Do you know how annoying that can be? They don’t invite these discussions like they’re trying to gain new perspective on a subject, and if your argument is formulated and delivered convincingly, it will make them reassess and possibly change their view. Rather they just want someone to say something on the topic so they can rebut and highlight their own point because…well, I guess they just enjoy making their point.

Smh…I’m the type of person to have my views and keep them to myself unless I’ve been put in a situation where I have to make a decision and use that standpoint to justify it or if I’ve been asked about my stance on a matter and at that point I still choose whether or not I want to indulge that conversation. However, I’ve always been open minded and therefore I will listen to someone else’s point if it’s valid and relevant and if I see their premise, I will possibly alter my own view. This is not always the case as I am quite firm in my stance and will not budge easily but I will acknowledge the points made.

Maybe the fact that I don’t go around putting a lot of issues on my head and debating them is a bad thing though because now for my creative writing class I have a dub-poem (like a spoken word kind of thing) to prepare and present and I have NOOOO IDEA what under heaven to do. It’s supposed to be about politics and social justice/injustice but I just don’t have much of an opinion on those things, or rather I prefer to live out my life in line with the serenity prayer which says “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”


But hey, maybe that’s just me…

xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow ~ Rynzi

P.S. I eventually figured out what to write for my assignment or rather how to phrase it. I might or might not post it here though.


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