Some Things Never Change

So, I was sitting there in my university classroom waiting for a tutorial session to begin and looked around. I then realized that some things never change. So let’s break it down:

• To the side/middle of the room, there are the “cool” girls who sit gossip and talk about people and do their utmost to “LOL”, but what they’re LOL-ing about isn’t that funny and they’re really not that cool. If they remind you if those chicks from mean girls, it’s probably because those are their role models.


• Then there are the idle guys who come to class simply to waste time, but they’re not even a bit interested in what’s going on content wise. They’re probably only in class because if they play hookie, they know they’ll get into trouble.

• Next are the nerds, both guys and girls who line off the front of the room. I mean, they’ve gotta make sure they’re right in the teacher’s line of vision so they can be picked on for the answers.


• The quiet learners (like me) who sit wherever they please based on what makes them comfy at any given time. We don’t travel in packs or anything. We just go to class and sit and observe and kinda sometimes try to learn. Sometimes we enjoy the class and sometimes we don’t, but it doesn’t really matter. All we do is show up and pass the time by doodling.


• The disengaged students (another group I usually fall into) who just aren’t interested in what’s going on around them, come next in our classroom. They pretty much show up to class just because you’re supposed to. They like to stay at the back of he room as far from the teacher as possible or off to the sides probably where the one with a window so they can be distracted and show exactly how disengaged they are. They also sleep to reflect what an agonizing bore class is to them.


• The class clown probably sits in the middle of the classroom because that’s a good vantage point from which to be the centre of attention.


• The odd one out is next and her or she is probably somewhere in the class that makes them seem “in the mix” but still not attached to any group. There’s always something different about them and that thing isn’t necessarily bad; it just sets them apart. It could be the way they walk, talk, an interest of theirs or an opinion they hold.


• Lastly, there’s the cute guy who either:

1. Is very friendly but doesn’t really know or notice you.

2. Is very mysterious! He probably doesn’t know you exist, but then again, maybe he does.

Either way you’re trying to figure out how to get his attention without seeming like you really want it, or doing something super awkward and embarrassing that’ll possibly merit you a new lasting nickname! Yikes!


(If you watch PLL, you’ll know which cute guy is #1 and which is #2…LOL! ;) )

Sigh…school is such a drag sometimes and some things never change!

xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow ~ Rynzi


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