Dead End

This is my original poem, titled “Dead End“. Feel free to comment and give me feedback! Below is some mood music :) and when you scroll further down, there’ll be my poem.

Hope you enjoy, my lovelies! :3

xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow…

~ Rynzi


For one small moment time froze,

My fragmented heart lurched in my chest.

It all just…stopped.

The world seems much darker now

Or maybe my eyes are just being opened for the first time.

But there’s no sunshine today.


Hi Denial, Let’s be friends.

I take solace in your stifling embrace.


I finally reached that place I’d been running from,

Though it’s been hounding me from every angle.

It pulsates the putrid air.

It is here.


Welcome to days of smiling through pain

And wearing a mask of “natural” emotions,

Of isolating one’s self from the world

While wrapping one’s self completely in it.


I am no longer six feet from the edge.

I have fallen head first into a new reality..


Here we go…again…


Into the ring I step

To wrestle with God.

The author of my faith has allowed a page to be written

That has come a little too soon in the story.


Looking back to find inspiration,

I revert to who I am and used to be

Stop, rewind and play.

I’m back from the present.


And now I lay here in these empty words

Which become the frame of the hollow tomb,

Where I rest my head.

We have FINALLY come

To THE dead end.


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