And no folks I’m not talking about the rapper of the epic song “Paper Planes” of that ethnicity that I was going to write but couldn’t remember so just opted to omit.

*sigh* guys! I deeply apologize for week 2 of no content really…BUT in my defense it’s just about the end of the semester and my university seems like it’s legitimately looking for ways to kill us! Like it’s just about short of using “final destination” and the “saw” series as it’s reference points!

A LOT has been going on and I have a lot to tell you guys but no time to even think out the content because I’m so swamped with assignments and presentations and tests, and in about 2 weeks, exams as well!!! Like honestly, if I hadn’t rote-rehearsed my name as a kid, I’d probably forget it with how stressed, absent-minded and flighty I am these days!


Hopefully I’ll soon be able to get back to meeting my goal of at least 1 post a week.

Anyway, I have to get back to all things relating to that place that should just be called prison. See ya soon…hopefully! If I don’t post again, well…you know what’s up…

xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow…


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