Family Fight Club

We are a cult of the broken

Within the confines of these four ‘homely’ walls.

Our ring, in which we do our dance

Ready to rumble, to throw down.

Not with body slams

But with other powerhouse jabs

Of left-hooks to egos

And uppercuts to hopes and dreams.
No evidence of thrashing around

Like banging pots and pans

And shards of broken dishes strewn about

But instead bellowing war calls escape through dirty louvered windows

And paper thin apartment walls

Who will be the one to bend and break?
This is a knock-out tournament

Here, we fight to the death

Battling constantly

Always on our guard
Boot camp in full swing

You sleep next to your enemies

Watching their every move

Uncovering their biggest weaknesses

To mount your strongest defense

Tearing them to shredded fibres

Until the warrior armour is unidentifiable.

And when the word-darts cease their flight

And the insult dust settles

The crowds crane their necks

Awaiting the revelation of the victor…
To the infirmary your body wheels

That knock-out,

your welcomed temporary haven.

In your peaceful comatose state

Thinking you escaped even for a while.

But the projections of your oppression

And the inhibitions that have held you down

Fly like missiles

Bee lining straight to the core of ‘the real you’

Who sits trembling in the corner

Behind the façade of your ‘big talk’ and ‘hot shot’ walk

Waiting for the explosive impact

Hoping for the real taste of tranquility.
It is done.

Light fades, darkness engulfs you

And you finally drift away…

But only into a new day.
There is seemingly no war today

No opponent waiting to demolish you in the ring.

Still readying yourself as a precaution,

You stare at the reflection of this wounded fighter

With the quizzical eyes, sheepish smirk and

Blood-crusted knuckles

Holding the heavy black life stealer

Square to the temple.
So there WILL be a fight today

Against your strongest adversary

Who looks you DEAD in the eyes.

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But words will SURELY be the death of me.


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