I Found You

I found you,
Standing out in the cold dark night.
Remnants of a battered life in your hands
Your story echoed through the steady breeze.

I claimed you,
As my own.
Delving right into the root of your withered tree of life,
Caring and nurturing it back to what it once was.

I saw you,
Not as the rest looked on
A troubled soul mere menace to humanity in their eyes,
But no, not in mine.

I understood you,
Seeing YOU to your very core
The fragments of a broken being, fighting on
But no longer wanting to win the war.

I lifted you,
With all the strength I could muster,
To launch you to a place where the Son was still high in the sky
And you could bask in the golden light of a new day.

Time went on,
We both grew.
I became me and you became you.
From day to day on level ground we stood
Our everything in plain view
But on a lovely, radiant, sun-kissed day
You finally turned and walked away.
And hit it me like the first time
I found you…but…
You never found me.


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