I wanna know you…

Okay, let’s have a talk because something has been weighing on my mind these last few days.

Have you ever met someone or seen someone from a distance and been intrigued? Like you don’t quite know what it is about them and why you just feel this deep urge to want to get to know and even be close to that person? I’m not necessarily talking about it in a romantic way; maybe you just wanted to be friends. But let’s take it a step further…

You’ve spoken to this person and maybe you two just connect. You enjoy their company and it appears that they enjoy yours as well. Maybe it’s that fact that you have great conversations that seem to fill some sort of void making you look forward to every encounter or the fact that you guys just always seem to mentally be on the same page. You start thinking about that person and even maybe consider and actually reach out to them to try continue to build this link that you feel has been established.

However, there’s a catch: what if the context within which you’ve met this person, isn’t the most ideal. I’m not even going to allude to what kind of situation that could be, but it’s one that makes you wish you’d met them maybe in another time or place, or maybe that you two were just slightly different people, so that there could be some chance. As I said, maybe not for anything intimate, but just to know them.

Well, just recently I’ve come across some persons that make me consider such things and want to use my 11:11 for such sake of opening up some far-fetched possibilities. I don’t know what has made me come to this conclusion but I can only deduce that it must be an indication of a lacking, either internally or within the realm of my social sphere.

You see, as much as some of us may want to deny it, we humans are social creatures; we crave the attention and affection of others. That’s why we seek to meet, gain and try to retain friends all along our life’s way. I mean, the whole idea of the family and a community supports this concept of being born into a group where there are similarities and connections based on factors as simple as blood relation and geographic location, to more complex elements such as personal interests and political and religious views. Even the biggest and most misunderstood loner secretly longs for a like-minded unit to belong to, so they can be a bunch of anarchist misfits together.

The thing is I’ve always been one of those people who never felt they “fit-in” anywhere, or at least not with groups per se. I never really cared for the excitement of a big group. It’s always been more about finding those one-on-one connections with random people; aside, from that I felt that I’d just be drifting along. But it was some of those stand-alone personal relationships that have really helped to mold me into who I am, because they with were honestly some of the most interesting people and beautiful souls.

So I guess what’s really weighing on my mind is the question of is there any way to change the path and make things possible? Or should that even be considered? What if I’m the only one thinking anywhere along those lines? Because from where I can see it, and how it’s played out time and time again in my life, maybe some people are just supposed to be passing phases, nothing more than a mere brush and a happy memory of a certain time and/or place…or rather, maybe I’m the one who’s supposed to be…hmmm?

Either way, the world keeps turning…

xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow…



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