Day 1…

Hey guys,
How’s it been going? It’s the first day of the month of June and the start of my official summer vacation (F-I-N-A-L-L-Y…)!!! I would’ve been finished much sooner (from May 2 to be exact) but because my school hates me and is low-key plotting against my life, I was working on assignments up until LITERALLY YESTERDAY! (Update: the due date for my assignment got pushed back until Friday. So I’m currently still under a crap load of work and my “summer” still hasn’t started yet! This assignment may just be the death of me…GGGRRRRRR!!!)

PSA: Don’t attend UTech!!!

I won’t bother to elaborate on that but take my advice for what it’s worth if there’s any chance you can avoid it.
After handing in that assignment yesterday, I’m BASICALLY DONE with University! You may be wondering why I don’t make an absolute statement, if you know anything about UTech, then you know they have a way of screwing people over in the slightest of ways! So because my heart and ego can’t take the disappointment, I’m going to view this completion very cautiously. I probably wont believe that I’m done until I have the damn piece of paper in my hand! So until then, let’s pace ourselves and expect the unexpected!
Thus, I’d just like to reiterate: Please DO NOT attend UTech if you can help it! If you ave other options, take them! If you have kids, rethink it! If you know someone planning tto attend or send their kids, firmly advise against it. The fact that I’m not even sure I’m done with school after 4 years of suffering should be a strong warning message! Don’t make the same mistake!
But fortunately, we’ve made it out alive and now we’re ready to let the good times roll  where these fun-loving sunny days are concerned! Which brings me to this announcement…
I’ve always had a major problem with consistency, in various things but we’re gonna focus on my writing for this blog specifically. To be honest, sometimes I’m at fault where this is concerned just being too lazy to write/edit a post; but other times, no posts get published due to circumstances completely out of my control (like my school trying to kill me). This is something I’d like to work on: Writing more consistently. Also, I’d like to improve my writing ability. So, what’s going to be happening is that I’m going to be taking on a

500-word a day challenge!

(Confession: I wrote this post ages ago prepping for today and scheduled it to be published at a certain time, just because I was so swamped with school work and KNEW I would not get it done on my own with that timing. This kinda defeats the purpose of this post but considering the situation, I hope you’ll understand.)
How the challenge works: I have been assigned topics to write about for everyday this month.
  1. Write a minimum of 500 words related to the assigned topic.
  2. Publish it here before the day is done; so a post could go up anywhere within the 24-hour time frame.

That’s 31 posts! (I know June has 30 days but I’m throwing in an extra post on the first of July.) With that said, today is day one of the challenge!


This simply entails announcing this challenge which is what I’m doing right now. I’ve announced it on my Instagram and Twitter (or I will with the publishing of this post).
Today’s challenge is also to set some goals for the month. My goals are simply to get into the habit of writing everyday. I anticipate it might be difficult some days considering I don’t know my exact plans and schedules for the month. However, I would like to challenge myself to try as best as possible to write in spite of the circumstances; I’m going to fight to find the time and head-space to write. I hope I’ll succeed at more consistently and improve my overall competence…and with that, DAY 1 = COMPLETE!
XOXO, from where my 7 dreams grow,
Word count, excluding my signature: 686 words!

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