Lost things

So, anybody else here a Disney fan? Then you should know about a certain little fairy who has a massive fascination with “lost things”. Even if you’re not  Disney fan, I think everyone knows her just the same, as Peter Pan’s hot-tempered but helpful little sidekick of sorts! Yes, I’m talking about none other than Tinkerbell!


I’ve always been so intrigued by her interest in collecting and fixing lost things.Even though half the time she never seems to know what the things are or what their actual purpose is, she still sees so much potential in them. She then uses them in innovative ways to fix problems, make others happy and make life better and easier in Pixie Hollow.

Disney has been a big deal to me for as long as I can remember, and I must’ve subconsciously drawn inspiration from the little tinker fairy because my mom’s always said that I attract lost and broken people. It’s funny, a few years back I was adamant that my mom was absolutely wrong and knew nothing and didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, but now I’m sure that she was exactly right. She knew exactly why she made that assessment and I now see it too.

I’ve always seen myself in that kind of a Tinkerbell-way in which I see people who may be considered broken and lost and a little weird and all of that, with a sort of wonder, but I’ve never wanted to or tried to fix them. I’ve always been more concerned with just knowing the story behind this fragmented, damaged person and seeing the lure of both their strength and their pain.

It’s also been important for me to let these persons know that there is beauty in having some scars and a past, or even a current struggle, and that there is at least ONE person who it matters to; not in the sense that it defines them and they’re only significant as long as they fall into this “category”, but rather in the sense that I want to see past all of that to the real them.

I guess this is so significant to me because I guess I’ve always wished people would grant me the same grace. But alas, this life is not a Disney movie where the character’s dilemma and great conflict is resolved in some epic battle and wrapped in a neat little box, with a bow of a happy ending around it in a clean 120 minutes.

Whether wanting to no longer be lost is a fairy-tale or reality, I think we ‘re all just lost and broken things, wanting to be found. Won’t you be someone else’s Tinkerbell today?

xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow…



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