I am Women. Hear me Roar!

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I am Woman, Hear me roar!

Her hands create from nothingness,

taking grasp of essence invisible to the eye and bringing it to life;

yet, at times she struggles to build herself and grow,

fear inhibiting her life-blood.


Her mind is open and colorful,

with quick wit and quiet thought.

Masterfully playing chess, always 3 steps ahead;

yet, it is as vast as the heavens above,

with caverns deep and inaccessible,

holding secrets and unfathomable superpowers.


Her eyes see past masks and facades,

into depths concealed by pain and hurt,

shining love-light home;

yet she hides away in the deep recesses where light is a stranger,

lingering in her shadows, in fear and trembling, waiting…


Her lips utter sweet blessings over all,

with understanding and love in every breath;

yet, her tongues spews the wrath of her own self-inflicted scorn,

lashing her mercilessly.


Her heart molds lives with selfless care; yet, she allows no one to water her garden.


She is black and white. She is color.

She is peace and she is a storm.

She is hurt and she is healing.

She is a blessing and a curse.

She is different, but she is the same.

She is both sides of the moon.

She is woman, this woman…she is me.

Hear me roar!

*******              **************              *******              **************              *******

Happy International Women’s Day 2017 to all my female petals, and thank you for all the essence you bring to the world. We’re so much better with you here.



xoxo, from THIS PROUD WOMAN, where my 7 dreams grow…

Karyn Allen, but you guys know me as Rynzi <3

Thank you.


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