The Drive

The feeling of windows down and life speeding past is a familiar feeling. Friends of mine who REALLY know me will tell you the that I don’t have a favorite kind of music; I just like road-trip type of music with that “feel good” vibe. I think that’s because when  I look back, I see those days when my dad would pick me up after school and we’d head to different Telecommunication sites out of town because of my dad’s job. No matter the weather conditions, the traffic, the vehicle, the company, that evening’s snack or my motion sickness (which believe it or not, I’m still not over), one thing was always constant: It was our time to talk.

We’d talk about nothing and everything. Some days he would educate me about moral and ethical issues and we’d debate logic and current events; other days, I would question him on all the why of this world of wonder. Sometimes, we would sing along to his cassettes or the radio; he was my first vocal coach, and singing partner and he taught me to listen and harmonize. Sometimes, we would sit silent in our own mental worlds, with the soundtrack being the tires turning around winding hillside corners.

Later on, my dad’s job took him to some locations further away from the family, and because of this, those drives happened less. I hardly got to see my dad, and whenever we got into the car to head somewhere, it wasn’t the same because we weren’t going the usual distance. The time wasn’t adequate to build a conversation and dive deep into the issues.

After that, when I was a teenager, I was never quite the rebellious type, but I still felt trapped in many instances and needed to get away. It was for this reason I was eager to get my license; just to know that I could go, though I had ZERO means. In subsequent years, when my friends had their own wheels, this morphed into my ultimate version of a good day and chill time well spent simply being a drive with someone I care about, to nowhere in particular, talking about nothing in particular. When I had my own ride (temporarily), I drove every chance I got, just because I could. I drove to church, to the supermarket, to the pharmacy, to a friend’s house, to run errands, to class, to pick up my mom from work. Sometimes, I would even sit in the parked car and just think. I even used to have lunch in my car and take naps in it between class and uni. (I didn’t have to interact with people, so that was a plus! LOL!)

For my birthday one year, I picked up a close friend, let him drive to a little get-together where we stayed for about an hour or so, and then we put gas into the car and drove around until the wee hours of the morning. We stopped for fries and a milkshake because that’s what I wanted (I’m not very fussy). We drove through the good and bad areas. With the windows up and down. Sometimes talking. Sometimes with some music. Sometimes in silence. It was a great birthday, one of my favourites.

My favourite thing to do though ’til this day, is sit in the car and watch the rain. I like the little droplets that form on the windows and windscreen. I love when the little streams of rain race across the glass. I like the sound of the rain on the roof of the car, the patters even, but still sporadic. And then after I’ve watched and listened to the rain for a while and I think it’s almost at it’s end, I turn the engine on and put the car in drive. I don’t usually have a destination in mind, but I usually drive in the direction of the sun, because I like the way the sun breaks through the clouds after a shower and the hazy overall look.

To be honest, I don’t get out of the house much these days, but I’m always up for a drive. I still get excited to go to the supermarket, or to pick something up from a family friend or when my dad decides to take the scenic route home.

So many people get excited about the destination; they’re so keen on what’s going to happen when they reach that certain place. They think that things will be better when they get “there”, wherever “there” is; but I’m more interested in the journey. That trip from point A to point B, where things change many times over and you see multiple new horizons as long as you keep moving forward.

I try to apply that same approach to life. I’ve never liked that feeling on standing still; stagnancy annoys me. And it’s funny that I still get motion sick, and have to make a few pit stops along the way, but I still try to keep it moving. Because if I do, I get to see what’s just over that hill or around the bend. I don’t always have company, and I’m okay with that, because that’s just part of the trip. I get to meet new people along the way. Some friends stay and ride with me for a while, or take the wheel for a bit; then they get off when they’ve reached their destination. Some I have to ditch along at a pit stop because they’ve become a bit too comfy. Some I see again later down the road; some I don’t. But all in all, I get to feel alive on the drive, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow…

~Rynzi <3


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