An Open Letter To My Forever Love…



It’s 2AM,

and the night is calm and cool and still.

I’m sitting on the couch by the window,

looking out at the nothingness of these wee hours,

and my mind is on you…

I’m not mad or anything.


Time and space and distance are inevitable.

and  change is the only constant,

So I’m okay.


Not really.

I miss you,



I’m actually smiling,

because it’s in these calm and quiet moments that we seem to eternally exist together.

Those times when we’d disappear and disconnect for a few hours

and just BE with each other

and we were our best selves,

living our best lives,



And even now, in this stillness,

I’m still my best self, as I think of you.

And I offer my fears in prayer

and my life’s dreams as wishes in the wind,

and allow them to be swept away,

for I know they will find you wherever we are…


And I take this peace into the chaos of 2PM

when I’m dreary from everyday life

and I don’t want to go on

and need a moment alone to recompose myself

and I long for adventure

and passion

and forehead kisses

and drives with no destination

and hand-holding under the stars

and that head-spinning joy that makes you giddy

and conversation as deep as the depths of the ocean’s abyss

about real shit…

And somehow, I think of you.

I remember,

and I am safe.


I pray you are too.


So I’d like to thank you for your existence.


Thank you for being you,

and living life,

and chasing happiness,

and aiming to be better,

and making me proud.


Thank you for listening to me,

and for understanding my words,

and accepting my silence,

and for knowing me enough to know

that there are some things you don’t and might never know,

and being okay with that and me.


Thank you for the hard times,

and the difficult decisions we’ve both had to make,

and for helping me to grow up,

and to know it is always in the name of love.


Thank you for giving me hope,

And making me feel that great and wonderful things are possible for me,

and if I take the risks and simply give it the chance,

happiness is mine for the taking.


Thank you for loving me,

whether for a reason or a season,

and allowing me to simply BE with you,

and for letting me know that there is good in the world,

and that there is good in me.


And in these quiet 2AM moments,

I can breathe and rest easy,

and prepare to go forth.


And I will take you with me,

into every labyrinth,

and between every devil and deep blue sea,

and over every mountain,

and through every storm,

and I will conquer life,

with your love.


xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow…

Yourzz, Always and forever <3


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