Writing Challenge #2: Day 3

Why we gotta go here? Huh? Why you out here tryna make me sin and get me killed for spilling this tea? Hmm? But I mean, if we have to then I guess, we will, right?

On a serious note, I’m always super tight-lipped about my pet peeves, but for the sake of the post I guess I’ll do it. Seeing that I already mentioned one in this previous post, I’ll just do the remaining 4! So let’s see how that goes. But…





1. Bad liars – I’m not going to sit here and justify any reason for lying; however, if you do it well, then who can really fault you? It’s not like you got caught. But when you go through the trouble of lying and do a sloppy job, I have no patience for you…NONE! Like you went through all the trouble to fake a story with so many holes it’s out here looking like swiss cheese, to not just anyone…but TO ME…and you didn’t think I wasn’t gonna cross examine you and call your bluff? *Shake my head* maybe you aren’t as bad a liar as I thought, if you made yourself believe that load of bull!


2. Double – Standards – So I remember when Scandal was everyone’s series fix. Friends were clearing their schedules and making time to watch it. I personally never jumped on that band-wagon; not because I had a problem with it, but it simply didn’t intrigue me though it was suggested time and time again. I do however, remember that there was some drama over the show’s morals at one point. It came to my knowledge when I heard some female friends discussing it, and a snippet sounded something like this:

Friend: I have no patience for drama! I mean, cheating? A married man that cheats is scum, and the chic he cheats with is a no-good, dirty, rotten, trifling, homewrecking heifer!

*discussion with said friend continues to reveal that she’s attracted to a guy, but she’s very tight lipped about him. Finally it’s revealed that he’s her married work superior, but nothing is going on between them according to her. They just got drinks together that one time…*

same friend: Oops! Look at the time! Sorry guys, gotta run! Can’t miss this next episode of Scandal! It’s getting so juicy!

Shit like this rubs me the wrong way! You either agree or you don’t agree; and if you have a particular stance and you’re so quick to criticize the opposition, I better not catch you tripping! Like yo! Either choose a side and stick to it, or shut your pie-hole! *drinks some water to cool down* woosah!

You see, I’ve got no patience for this once again because I’m a “put your money where your mouth is or leave the table” kinda gal. As much as it may seem like it, I don’t go around voicing my opinion because not every fight is mine, and I don’t need to get involved. But, if it comes to it, I’ll be the first person to tell you my faults, so you know exactly where I stand and when I take that stance, all my cards are on the table, so you can’t come for me. I cover all my bases. BELEE DAT!

3. Dependent-Confidence – Having confidence in one’s self is encouraged. Unfortunately, some people take this to an extreme; they become over-confident and obnoxious in their ideas of their own grandeur and self-worth. However, I can deal with someone’s overconfidence; all that is required is the right person or circumstance to humble them and all is well.

What I can’t stand are persons whose self-worth seems so strong, but turns out to be fragile and completely reliant on trying to play on what they perceive to be someone else’s inferiority.  You know, the one’s whose light can only seem to shine when they’ve gone around and personally extinguished everyone else’s. Like boo, this lighthouse hella huge! More lights are are only going to benefit the world. My shine doesn’t take away from yours! So yeah, not okay!

We all need to believe in ourselves and our abilities, but if the only way for you to see your worth is through comparison to someone, where you have to make it so that you come out on top, you’ve got a superiority complex and should probably speak to a professional before it becomes your downfall. People with these tendencies are prone to bullying and I don’t think anyone needs to state how inappropriate and undesirable that is, with so many anti-bullying campaigns and initiatives going around. Cool?

4. Incompetent Entitlement – So I had a summer job in 2015 right, and it was great. I loved it…except, my coworker(s) were insufferable. Okay people; shit employees. I mean it. Work started 8:30; homeboy rolled in at 9:45 without any excuse. We both got work to do: I’d finish mine; he didn’t even know what he was supposed to do. I’d show him what to do; he’d do it wrong and I’d have to do it correctly. He’d complain about the work load, and was ready for the 12 o’ clock lunch break. I’d just be sitting there like:


Then he’d go to lunch and as soon as lunch was over, he was back to complaining. Then he’d just end up sleeping for like 2 hours and maybe work the last hour and a half of the day. Think I’m joking? *pulls out receipts like Kim K coming for T-Swift*. I submit the following snap to evidence, your honor:


The real icing on the cake, was this one time our cheques weren’t ready for us and homie. Went. OFF! I’m talking yelling at people and ranting and raving, threatening to write reports and memos reporting them. And again, I’m just over here chilling like “you ain’t got no damn right to open your mouth right now. You’re lucky you’re getting paid at all!”


There are SOOOOOOO other instances of this pet peeve that I’ve been privy to, but I think you get the picture.

And there you have it! As you can see, dream gardens and petals aside, I’m just a truly bitter person with a very tolerant nature who uses passive-aggression to survive. I never claimed to be perfect folks! LOL! But if you’re guilty of any of these, please do mankind a favor: change your life and do better!



xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow,

~ Rynzi <3

P.S. If you’d like another post featuring more ranty pet peeves (maybe with some minor ones like when people walk out of the bathroom with wet hands then touch you), let me in the comments and maybe share some pet peeves of your own! :)


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