Writing Challenge #2: Day 7

Oh My Gosh! Guys…


I know that you’re wondering if I really had to do that, but really, how could I not do that? I mean, suitable, appropriate, applicable and oddly enough, super nostalgic! Nostalgia is actually pretty central to this particular entry since today we’re talking about my favorite childhood toys! Y’all really getting to know me!

1. Green Rocking Dino

So when I was younger I had a rocking horse which technically wasn’t a rocking horse, but rather a rocking dinosaur and it was bright green with yellow handles. You see guys, I’ve lived in an apartment all my life; therefore, many of my toys were very indoor appropriate so as to not inconvenience the neighbors in terms of both noise and space. But I completely wore this thing out, and loved every minute of it! When I rode it, I didn’t particularly imagine riding a horse or anything; I just enjoyed the motion. I used to sit on it while watching TV, or having a snack. Sometimes I’d put in my verandah and rock back and forth and watch my neighbors pass on the stairway.


2. Pearl Beach Barbie Doll (Kira)

I had various dolls over the years, but this one is super important. People, I need you to understand the significance of this. This doll was released in 1997 when I was 4-years-old (I received it that year for either my birthday or my graduation; can’t remember exactly). The thing is I had other dolls, but they didn’t seem as nice as the barbie ones on TV. So, I remember asking my mother for an actual barbie doll. I didn’t pester, but even at that age I knew how to drop hints; my mom is very attentive, so I knew she’d pick up. She surprised me with the doll, and now, all of 20 years later, I JUST NOW while writing this, had an epiphany. I had my heart set on a barbie doll, because I thought they were nicer and better, my mom obliged, but was strategic about it, gifting me a BLACK BARBIE! Now let me be clear, she wasn’t the darkest one, but she didn’t have to be; she was just right FOR ME! I was happy because it was from the barbie line, in the original packaging, but it was exactly what I needed to see.


I didn’t get a white barbie until 4 years later for my 8th birthday, and guess what? I took the clothes from that white barbie and put unto my black Kira doll.


Fam, my mom knew the importance of representation and being able to see and play with someone that had my skin color at such a young age. My mom was bold and deliberate in her actions and I’m only just now seeing it! Nothing more powerful than a mother’s love folks!

3. Play sets

I had 2 play sets when I was younger. One was a cooking setting with plates and utensils; the other was a medical set. I guess I played with these often enough.

img_7673-1 img_7674-1

There was a third play set I had access to as a child, but this one was special. It was an actual mini glass vintage tea set. My mother would play with me when I wanted to use it, to ensure that I handled it with care. We did the whole fancy dress up and a hoisted pinky routine and I loved it.

4. Books & Puzzles

It was pretty had for me to think of childhood toys, so I had to ask my mother. What stood out to me were books though; I was always reading. I had all types of books: story books, bible books, puzzle books, pop-up books…you name it, I had it!

My favorite set, however, was a comprehensive early learning set. It focused on a scarecrow named Poldy (whose name was later on changed to “Trek”). He would travel all over the world and through his adventures, he would learn and in turn teach me basic concepts such as colors, numbers, shapes, opposites and much more! This set came complete with charts, workbooks, puzzles and flashcards. But my favorite was the audio cassettes you could play as you followed the adventures in the books. It utilized music and transitions and different voices and accents for the characters, which made it vividly come to life in my mind. It was a real investment for my parents and it served me well!


I remember researching this a few months ago, out of sheer nostalgia, and being so disappointed at the changes made, the main one being, that it’s mainly digitized now. Sigh, I feel like should I ever have kids they’re going to be so disadvantaged by all this technology!

5. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? 1996 CD Game

In this game, you are a rookie at ACME a detective agency. You are tasked with finding and capturing a master thief, Carmen Sandiego, and her henchmen before they steal all of the world’s treasures. But we warned, Sandiego is no petty theif; she’s stolen everything from crown jewels to the Eiffel Tower. You must travel the world, and use your translator before the battery dies to ask bystanders questions and decipher their riddled responses about where the crooks have headed and what they look like. When in doubt, the almanac is there to assist you. Also, keep you eyes peeled for clues, like receipts left behind to help in your search. When you think you’ve figured it out, issue your warrant and catch the crook. With every successful catch, you’re promoted; but if you make the wrong arrest, the newspaper headlines will be quite the scandal. Here’s the intro and it’s hella funny, or at least it was to my 7 year old self:

I played this game a scary amount! It was amazing! I learned so much about the world and how to think on a deeper level. I have a recent version of the game on my phone even now; it’s very different though, more techy! But still quite interesting and great way to challenge your mind!

I’m fond of my childhood memories and always love an excuse to walk down memory lane! Hope you enjoyed the little journey too! What were your favorite childhood toys? Tell me about it in the comments!


xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow,

~ Rynzi <3


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