Writing Challenge #2: Day 9

Ummm, I think I spoke too soon about these topics being pretty easy. I’m not too sure if I said that out loud, but now you know what I was thinking, and I’d like to apologize to this challenge for taking it lightly…UGH! DRAG ME FAM!

But for real though, this challenge just asked me a question that I don’t have the answer to and that’s super scary seeing that I have officially been in the “real world” as an “adult” for 1 year officially and can confirm it’s a trap! TURN BACK IMMEDIATELY!

I say this because I’m still asking myself this question daily. Like to be honest, can sleeping be a job? No? Okay then.

On a serious note, I spend a lot of my time looking at others, not in a comparative or jealous way, but sometimes there’s a slight pang of envy. I want to be one of those people I see and know who seem to have found their purpose in life and are doing things that they’re passionate about so it seems like they don’t work a day in their life. I crave that kind of peace, I guess.

When I talk to those persons, it also tends to seem like they’ve always had this one thing that they were either very good at/interested in which they decided to turn into a career. But I can’t quite relate to that, because I’ve always liked so many various things, and been decent at them. I never zoned in on one thing fully. I always tried to keep myself versatile. However, passion doesn’t come from spreading yourself thin, but rather by giving absolutely everything to one thing, which makes sense.

Additionally, after speaking with them, they all seem to have different upbringings from me, that were much more relaxed (for lack of a better word). I mean this in the sense that they didn’t seem to have the same “expectations” put on them, that I had put on me. That’s not to say that I wasn’t encouraged to pursue the things I was good and interested in, but I for sure got the very stern conversation about “job security” and whatever repeatedly, in both conversations at different times and random passing comments.But with that, that has seemed to matter less and less, presumably due to the the realization of the true fulfillment I get from doing the things that I like, such as writing this blog. And I should  be taking it a step further soon.

If I could have any job in the world, I’d probably want to be creative. Notice I didn’t say a creative, because that’s a whole other thing. Nowadays, when people use the word ‘creative’ as a noun, it holds some sort of prejudice of imposed exclusivity. There’s almost some level of animosity when people call themselves ‘creatives’. I’m not saying it’s not something to be proud of, because the work they are able to produce is definitely commendable; however, their conceit about it is the issue. I feel like these ‘creatives’ are less about the art they’re making and more about the status that they hope and think will come as a result of it. It’s discouraging to persons who may not be ‘creatives’ but want to try their hand at being creative and art isn’t meant to be divisive and condescending (unless it’s satirical commentary like those political caricatures), so why the need to make it so?

Anyway, coming back from that tangent, I would specifically want to be creatively working in the entertainment industry. I like Art in all its forms. It makes me truly happy to see people represented through the work that they produce. I just love having the knowledge that people experiences prompted them to pour their hearts into something to give back to the human experience; it’s such a beautiful cycle and one that I’d like to be a part of. I really don’t like being the center of attention, so I’d probably like to be in some creative capacity, most of whose work takes place off stage/screen; the ones that see to the big thing and small details that assist in bringing art to life. I can’t say specifically which job that would be because I admire so many: photographers, videographers, directors, producers, writers, graphic designers, sound and lighting engineers –  they are all so pivotal to the finished products put out into the world. If I had to choose one job though, I feel as if I would still come back to writing.

I’ve recently found myself with a lot of free time on my hands, and the whole time I’ve been doing this writing challenge I have had zero other responsibilities and obligations. I mean, there are some basic things I try to get done everyday which vary between online courses just because I can, domestic work around the house, or heading on the road to run errands. Some days are busier than others. Some days get hijacked by someone’s plans for me and needing me assistance or assigning me special jobs. Some days I don’t feel like doing a damn thing. However, ultimately, I choose how my day goes, and I’ve been loving that. I crave more of that. I’ve always believed myself to be very project-oriented so I like doing things where I can see a clear beginning and end, and work through the process to get from one process. I always want that to be the case. Therefore, we’re working on making that an everyday reality, slowly but surely, and I hope you guys will stick around for the ride!


xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow,

~ Rynzi <3


P.S. What’s your dream job? Leave me a comment telling me.


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