Tending to the Garden!

Hey petals!

You may have already noticed some changes going on around here, like the fact that we FINALLY have a header and a logo (baby steps, but how were we surviving without them?), and a background change as well, among others.

Even though some changes have already taken place, this is just a little notice to let you know that the garden is currently undergoing some renovations and upgrades, but this isn’t expected to last too long. You know, just some weeding and pruning and trimming hedges here and there to actually take this blog in the direction it was originally intended to go,and I hope it will be all come together and be justified when it’s completed. The blog will still be up and running, and regular posts will go up on our official post day which I’ve decided (for now) will be Mondays, and I’ll tell you why I chose Mondays at some point; we’ll see how that goes for a while and maybe even have a vote on it later on!

I’ll still be posting while these changes happen, so in the meanwhile, you can continue to use the Recents, Archives and Categories to navigate and access recent content. But this will be OUR work-in-progress. Together, we’re going to make this garden flourish an bloom, okay?

So to my subs that have been with me for a while, thanks for keeping on; and to new followers, you’re in for a treat! The best is yet to come so buckle in for the ride! Thanks for your patience!

xoxo, from where my 7 dreams grow,

~Rynzi <3